Friday, 19 May 2017

Hey lovelies I've been MIA for a little bit (😓 Sorry) I was working on getting my blog sorted out, I permanently changed my URL to a legit domain name, which I'm very happy about because it give some clout to my blog. I really want to make your reading experience the best it can be as well as making the best content creating from myself. So if you've noticed the revamp than make sure to follow so you can get notified on my new posts!
Now that, thats out of the way back to the blog...
Me and my boyfriend went out to eat at a buffet, buffets are our favorite style restaurant because we can be very picky so buffets give us variety. I wasn't really feeling like dressing up this day so I threw on a simple style outfit, really focusing on dark denim I wore a thrifted jean shirt and thrifted Levi shorts that I customized myself, and a black crop top from Zara.

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            This is some of the inside decor of the restaurant, It's Italian Themed. 

Here are some of my favorite Crop Tops


The summer weather me excited that I'm stocking up on crop tops, all shapes, colors and current trends. 

xx Lilia

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